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I met a beautiful lady in my first couple of weeks on this site and 14 months on things are still going really well.
Jason, 22 July 2024
First person I contacted… fireworks and happiness! Thankyou!
Gillian, 17 July 2024
Since meeting, via the site, we have met up, and it was like we knew each other for years, we have got on so well. We are now going from strength to strength, and I plan to move closer to where my match lives in the future.
Neil, 14 July 2024
Met a beautiful woman from Basingstoke
Adrian, 8 July 2024
I met my fiancée on here in October 2020. We clicked and during the second lockdown we ended up locking down together. We got to know each other very well and I moved in 5 months later. We have been together ever since and next year we are getting married!! I am so happy that I have found my soulmate. Thank you!!!
Lisa, 5 July 2024
Thank you so much for your fantastic dating app. It's perfect.
Lesley, 30 June 2024
Thanks for providing the means of meeting her.
Nigel, 24 June 2024
Yes I have found a partner. Although we don’t live together we spend a lot of time together, holidays, hobbies etc
Graham, 23 June 2024
He met none of my criteria but its turned out perfectly. He makes me very happy
Jane, 23 June 2024
After a few false starts I’ve found a wonderful man to spend the rest of my life with, my home is on the market but we are already together more than we are apart.
Christine, 17 June 2024
It's the best possible 'ending', thank you!
Richard, 17 June 2024
I have already found my perfect match. I so grateful to have found her via you site. Thank you
Peter, 16 June 2024
He's lovely, we're a good match.
Lesley, 13 June 2024
Met a perfectly lovely lady. Immediate connection. Nothing else needed, except hope for the future.
Steve, 8 June 2024
I am happy and confident that l have found my match.
Grant, 2 June 2024
We both joined the site within a week of each other! I ‘liked’ him, he ‘liked’ me back! We followed that up with a 2 1/2 hour phone call, then met on April 5th. Barely a couple of months on and we’re both pretty certain this is it! So grateful I took a chance!!!
Jacqui, 27 May 2024
Met on site June 2022 married October 2023
Alex, 27 May 2024
We are now married
Lesley, 26 May 2024